There were times when Lady Susan adored being right. This was not one of those times. Attercop's assault on her charge was evidence enough for her that he'd intended to steal the Chekhov I.S.G. mk 1 all along. She had hurriedly ushered the Professor our of the factory under the cloak of darkness when she'd begun to suspect treachery. This would end tonight.

Director's Notes

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

We'd imagined that there'd be a fight scene in our series mostly because we were interested in having something that was kinetic. Initially, we'd considered a boxing match because we'd be able to have some blood spatter but decided that it'd require a larger cast than we had time to recruit. We ended up having our 'assistant' character betray the lead character's trust and this image was born. For an added twist, we made our lady's character aggressive. After all, there's nothing like a woman who's comfortable with weaponry. Is there?

~ Scott


Reflective umbrella high in front of the cast and pointed down @ 45 degrees. A second strobe was just out of frame to the right as a hair and edge light for the bad guy. The third strobe is visible in frame.

~ Richard