The Pipe Gallery

Work on the Chekhov I.S.G. mk 1 would progress far faster now that Doctor Felix Attercop had joined Professor Hammond. Though their discussions about supercritical phono-aetheric resonance – or some such nonsense – bored Susan to tears, she remained at the Hammonds' side, knowing all to well that danger lurked in the most obscure of corners. There was a smugness to Attercop that she couldn't abide and, for the life of her, she had no understanding of why Hammond had recruited him.

Director's Notes

"A Thousand Points of Light."

When we first got a chance to wander through the factory, we happened upon this section and it was immediately dubbed, 'The Pipe Gallery.' While none of us was completely sure what this part of the factory did, we were certain that it would need to be a locale for at least one of the shots. It reminded us of a complex place where things really happened. It took awhile to settle on a light scheme but the final one balanced the added halogen lights, and gave a greater depth to the scene.

~ Scott


Main cast: 1 bare strobe camera right high as the main. Worker: Reflective umbrella behind him, just out of frame. 1 bare strobe slightly above and in front of him. We used halogen pucks to create the string of lights behind the cast. They were illuminated during the entire shooting sequence (we brought a generator just for that purpose.) The idea here was to give a nod to ST11.

~ Richard