For His Defence

He might be the smartest man in the kingdom, but Professor Hammond' insufferably pompous attitude was more than Lady Susan could bear at times. Tasked with his protection, she made certain to educate him on how to defend himself if she were unavailable but she took no small amount of joy in showing him that while science was his fortes, controlled violence was hers. He would not soon forget the lesson he had learned at the end of her épeé. She would see to that.

"Y-y-you struck me!" His voice was quavering with anger.

"Yes..." She smiled a cruel little smile.

"This is my blood!"


"I'll not stand for this, Susan!"

She turned now to face him. "You will if it is your aim to keep most of that precious blood inside of your body, Professor. I will do the best I can to protect you but there will be times that I cannot be at your side. These are lessons you need to learn."

He regarded her with measured anger and turned on his heel and stalked off.

Director's Notes

"Why I Oughtta…"

To drive home the fact that our male protagonist was really just brainy and good looking, we decided to have his counterpart instruct him in the finer points of swordsmanship – er, swordswomanship. By getting the actors to be angry (him) and smug (her, and oh-so-well, I might add), we sold the beating

~ Scott


1 reflective umbrella above and to the left of each model. 1 strobe aimed between the two, just out of frame. Ambient stopped down once. All strobes triggered wirelessly.

~ Richard