Thaddeus Williams as Proffesor Hammond

Steampunk is emergent from Mr. Williams' colorful background. He has always maintained his own vehicles, built several houses, is licensed to operate several pieces of heavy industrial equipment, is member in good standing of ABANA, and has been working with leather and metal since his days in 4-H. He got his interest in UrbEx in the haven of Detroit, MI.

Being a Star Trek TNG and Dr. Who (the original) aficionado, groupie to several podcast personalities, and small-time TTRPG player, only grants him minor geek cred. He hopes his involvement in this project will elevate his status in the eyes of the lovely Ms. Kramer.

Mr. Williams is (ir)responsible for the male wardrobes and custom props, all of which he's delighted to talk about at length. Just ask him!

Shawn Kramer As Lady Higgins

Blogger, Foodie, and world class beauty, Ms. Kramer is an adventuress in her own right. Born and raised to be self-sufficient in the wilds of mid-Michigan she won beauty pageants and learned to slaughter rabbits (both with her bare hands). Now, all grown up, she's a kick-boxing instructor, chef, hike leader, and businesswoman to be reckoned with. She's been playing TTRPGs since before they were cool, and has forgotten the titles of more fiction than you'll ever read.

In her free time (measured in minutes/year) she's a talented seamstress and active in the Local Food movement. She is a no-bake cookie junkie, but might kick you in the head if you mock her for it.

Ms. Kramer is responsible for all of her own wardrobe and accessories (not attached to with leather).

Richard Hammond as Dr. Attercop

Richard is an engineer, a game creator, a writer, an actor, and a martial artist, and not necessarily in that order. His knowledge of the minutiae of science fiction and fantasy knows no bounds and was indispensable on the set. His acute understanding of several different hand-to-hand fighting styles made him particularly helpful when choreographing our combat scenes. Richard (dubbed R-2 to differentiate him from Richard Upshur) managed to bring a bit of light to each of the scenes that he touched.

David Harvitz as Worker

Thomas Scott / Creative Director

Scott, as he prefers to be called, is a an amateur photographer and first year art direction student at VCU's Brandcenter. His interest lies in making images that transport the viewer to places he or she might not ever get to visit in real life. Scott was integral in assembling the team of talent that created The Steam Effect.

Richard Upshur / Photographer

Richard is an amateur photographer and digital artist. As an artist, his original interest lay in producing photo realistic images with pencil, charcoal, and airbrush. Today, he uses those skills to produce hyper-real digital images. Richard approaches his work with unyielding standards for quality, and a true passion for his subjects. He lives in rural Virginia, with his wife Mary and their two children.